Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Marsh Specialty’s MEDEFEND [formerly known as Medical Practitioners Indemnity (MPI)] is a medical malpractice insurance scheme to cover individual medical practitioners in Singapore. The insurance covers doctors and dentists from all specialties on a claims-made basis.
Who are the Insurers ​for MEDEFEND?​
MEDEFEND is insured by:
- Allied World Assurance Company​
- Chubb Insurance Singapore Ltd
More details on these companies can be found here.
What is Marsh Specialty’s role in this scheme?
Marsh Specialty is the broker for MEDEFEND and is responsible for managing the administration (i.e. new applications, renewal applications, general inquiries etc), broking (i.e. negotiating the terms and conditions of the policy) and assisting members with settlement of claims.
In Asia, Marsh Specialty has a strong track record of managing medical malpractices. Our team will ensure that claims and notifications from members are handled competently and professionally.
You may find out more about Marsh Specialty at
Why choose MEDEFEND as my provider?
While there are currently a few medical indemnity providers in the Singapore market, MEDEFEND was developed by taking into account the challenges faced by the medical indemnity market. MEDEFEND seeks to provide a long-term, Singapore-based solution to medical practitioners.
Marsh Specialty, working with our insurance partners, will be delivering an insurance solution to the medical industry in Singapore that will be a long-term and sustainable product, designed to meet the enduring needs of the whole profession.
Insurance coverage is just the beginning. As MEDEFEND evolves we will be including value added services to medical practitioners, including advice on claims management, risk management and various articles, case studies and tips to assist medical practitioners in the course of their practice.
How does this insurance policy operate?
The MEDEFEND policy covers claims made against you during the policy period, as long as the claim was notified to the insurers during the same period. Therefore, you must notify Marsh Specialty as soon as reasonably practicable after you first became aware of a claim or investigation is made against you, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.
* Please note that any discussion of coverage here is meant as a summary only. For further details, please refer to your policy wording or contact Marsh Specialty.

What am I covered for?
The policy’s primary objective is to pay for legal defence costs (both from alleged or actual claims for medical negligence) and also awards for damages. Cover for claims relating to defamation is also built into the wording.
The policy also provides cover for your legal costs for investigations in relation to medical council inquiries, coroner’s inquests etc.
Am I covered for overseas work?
The main purpose of this policy is to cover services provided in Singapore. However, the policy will cover humanitarian missions, research, training and similar activities conducted overseas – this coverage is capped at 60 days within a 12-month insurance period.
Am I covered for Good Samaritan acts?
Yes. The policy provides cover for Good Samaritan acts which is defined as the provision, without fee or reward, of first aid services outside of your workplace (i.e. at the scene of an emergency, accident or disaster.
Am I covered during clinical trials?
The policy includes cover for medical negligence claims during the course of a clinical trial. However, the cover is not intended to indemnify the actual trial risk.
To get cover for the actual trial risk, you should arrange for specific clinical trial insurance separately.
Am I covered if I receive a claim alleging negligence due to the influence of alcohol or drugs?
The policy excludes cover for negligence arising from the use of alcohol or drugs. Nonetheless, it will cover for defence costs provided you are innocent of such allegations
Does the policy provide cover for locum work?
Am I covered in the event my nurse makes a mistake and I am held vicariously liable?
Yes, you are covered under MEDEFEND, subject to the terms & conditions of the policy.
Will I still be covered after I retire from medical practice?
An unlimited extended reporting period will be extended in the event of retirement if you have been insured under this scheme for at least 3 consecutive years.
Is my Estate covered in the event I pass away or become legally incapacitated and my estate is sued for my past medical work?
Yes. Upon death or legal incapacitation, the policy will continue to provide cover for claims made against your estate/heirs/legal representatives arising from medical services previously provided by you
What additional benefits does the policy provide me?
Medical Data Protection – There is an extension for legal defence costs and awards for damages arising from loss of records and data or a medical data protection claim e.g. infringement of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and similar breaches.
Advancement of Defence Costs – The policy advances defence costs, even for acts that are not covered by the policy (e.g. fraudulent and dishonest acts, sexual abuse). Defence costs will continue to be advanced until a final and binding adjudication has been issued.
If I switch from indemnity providers (e.g. MPS) will my past work be covered? And is it free?
If your existing indemnity cover is provided on an occurrence basis, your MEDEFEND policy will only cover your present and future work. However, if your existing indemnity cover is provided on a claims-made basis, your MEDEFEND policy will provide the same amount of retroactive cover. ​
How do I make a claim on my policy?
For full details and advice on how to make a claim,please click here
Do you issue individual Policy?
Yes, policies under MEDEFEND are issued on an individual practitioner basis. Each successful applicant will be issued his/her own policy schedule.
How can I pay the premium?
Payment is made by credit card via our online web portal .
I am interested. How do I sign up?
Please click here to access our online web portal.
I have more questions and I would like to find out more about MEDEFEND
For more information about the Scheme, please do not hesitate to contact Marsh Specialty.